Honey Bee & Snake: SIPC-Honey Bee & Snake TreatmentotherInsects

Honey Bee

  • Honey bees may be beneficial insect but when they are found in residential and office complex they pose threat to the people.
  • Honey comb removal is more technical and skill oriented process, particularly at high roofs and elevated structures. It needs trained bee handlers.
  • SIPC offers the best and safe technology to remove honey combs in all places without damage to the property and harm to the people.

Snake Management

  • Snakes are the most dangerous reptile guests to our living placeless which are of lethal threat to human life.
  • SIPC offers preventive repellent treatments to avoid invasion of snakes to our property by using Carbolic acid and other chemicals.
  • Phosphine gas treatment will also be used at adverse situations to kill the snakes which are inhabited in the termite hills.

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