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South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited established in the year 2002 was acquired by the South India Group of Companies during 2006 with the aim of bridging the gaps existing in facility and property management services available in India. Rapid economic growth fueled by developments in the Information Technology, Education, Health and Industrial sectors has created huge demand for skilled manpower to run the hassle free business routine particularly in relation to managing buildings and premises. Cognizant of this SIFMS offers you the world class facility management services including housekeeping, corporate manpower outsourcing and facility maintenance. SIFMS is professionally equipped with its technically equipped man power, experienced managers and hi-tech management system to operate its services at affordable cost all over India. We are known for our customer service that is not just the best but legendary.


There is great demand for skilled man power to run in house business routines in IT, Education, Health and Service sector businesses in India as these sectors are powered by industrial liberalization and free economy. Personally managing the in house business routines like Housekeeping, Manpower service for office running, Corporate service for business running and Facility maintenance services require devotion of extra time and energy from the managers and people involved in core business activity. It diverts the concentration of the firm managers form core business activity to insignificant things. As unexpected is bound to happen every day in facility maintenance it is wise to outsource from service providers who can fix the problems at any time.

Outsourcing of facility management services

    Cost and time saving in hiring process.
    There is no permanent liability of labor.
    Brings in hassle free running of day to day works in all business places.
    Brings in quality work output and good business ambiance.
    Brings down the pressure of hiring and maintaining skilled professionals in HR department.

Brings down the expenditure on office running.
Gives more time for managers to look into core business.
SIFMS- Manage your property professionally and economically.
SIFMS- Facility management in professional way at reasonable cost.
House Keeping- Man power- Property management- Electrical & plumbing.

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