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  • Among 3000 species of cockroaches identified, four major species are considered as house hold pest. They are American, Germen, Oriental and Brown banded cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches are annoying pests live in dirty places like dark crevasse of drainage, wash basin, toilet sink, etc.
  • They spoil food stuff and browse over kitchen utensils in mid night. As they are nocturnal insects their presence cannot be noticed in daytime.
  • As they spread diseases causing organisms like salmonella, fungi, bacteria, etc their movement invites lethal diseases to human being.
  • The fecal matter makes the living place malodorous and repulsive.
  • A single pair of cockroaches cans produce seven generations consisting 4, 00,000 individuals per annum.
  • Cockroach control includes general sanitation/hygiene improvement, sealing cracks and crevices to eliminate source of infestation and the most important is chemical control of existing population.
  • SIPC Gel Treatment is the most effective chemical control option for cockroaches.

SIPC Gel Treatment

  • SIPC Gel Treatment is the best solution for cockroach control.
  • A new generation low dose technology molecule Fipronil 0.05 % in gel food attractant carrier is used.
  • SIPC Gel is applied in infected areas as dots in cockroach movement areas like wall corners, cracks and crevices in kitchen, bathroom, store room, shelves and wardrobes.
  • This odorless, harmless gel can be applied at any time of a day without causing disturbances to routine work.
  • Cleaning or washing the premises is not needed after this service.
  • As this gel is attractive food stuff for cockroach single bite by one cockroach will be shared by 40 cockroaches.
  • By this cascading effect one dot of gel can kill up to 40 cockroaches.


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