Residential Facility Management Services


House Keeping Service Packages

Regular Cleaning Service

  • It is basic sweeping, dry and wet mopping, dusting of floors and surfaces, grills, railings, door frames, skirting etc..,
  • Cleaning of bathroom, washbasin, mirrors, shelves, bathroom fittings, cleaning of floor and wall tiles, towel rod and door frames from either side.

Deep Cleaning Service

  • It is done with strong cleaning agents and machines to remove dirt which can not be removed with normal cleaning agents and tools, the job requires longer time to clean up and has to be done carefully and diligently. The periodicity in which the cleaning to take place should be once a month depending on the condition.

Polishing Service

  • The service is based on the type of flooring and the condition of the floor. Different chemicals and machines are required and professional polishing personnel to be deputed to do the required job. Care to be taken once the polishing work is completed and follow up to be done carefully for longer durability.

Shampoo Cleaning Service

  • Shampooing of carpet and normally furniture ( wet and dry) depending on the condition of the item. Hot water extraction cleaning, dry cleaning etc.., are carried out . Chemicals and equipment used are different and again only a trained professional can carry out the work.

South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited offers you the best services as it has

  • Great team of trained manpower with good aptitude and attitude.
  • For skilled and technical works like plumbing, electrical, etc we engage only qualified man power (Trained in ITI or Institutes approved by ministry of HRD).
  • We provide in service training to the employees to keep them updated with technology and to motivate them.
  • SIFMS can provide manpower for varied needs of the customers in both short and long term needs.
  • SIFMS analyze your existing system of facility maintenance and recommends and adopts improved methods to increase your convenience and expenditure.
  • Our service packages are flexible to specific requirements of the clients.
  • 24 x 7 customer care.
  • We have more than ten years of experience in this service sector business.
  • We have set Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for every service.
  • Our motto is to give the customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

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