Commercial Facility Management Services


House Keeping Service Packages

Daily Cleaning Services

  • The office space required to be cleaned well before the employees start coming in to the office. Normally all the working stations , lifts, stairways ,common areas and the wash rooms need to be cleaned and sanitized as per the normal cleaning procedure.

Periodic Cleaning Services

  • Periodic cleaning is scheduled based on the priority of the job involved.
  • It can be planned weekly ,fortnightly or monthly basis.

Deep Cleaning Services

  • A deep cleaning service is for kitchens and staff canteen over and above the regular ,periodic cleaning. Special care to be taken while planning the work and sanitization is very important in the areas. All equipments and tools and furniture used in the area need to be taken care while doing the work. Special chemicals and tools are required for this job as there will be lot of grease accumulation all over and will be a tough to clean.

Clinical Cleaning Services

  • This process is mostly aimed at hospitals and clinics that need a deep cleaning to ensure the environment is hygenic. This is specially important in wards, operations theatres, emergency area etc.., that have a high risk of infection.

Infection Control Services

  • Again infection control service is aimed at hospitals who are looking for a cleaning service that goes above and beyond the normal cleaning. It is so important in the sector and has to be carried out correctly and usage of high standard chemicals and equipments are to be used to stop the spread of infection, this work is carried out with fogging and high temperature steam techniques.


South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited is the right choice to outsource for housekeeping, corporate manpower outsourcing and facility maintenance services in any kind of business place.

South India Facility Management Services (P) Limited offers you the best services as it has

  • Great team of trained manpower with good aptitude and attitude.
  • For skilled and technical works like plumbing, electrical, etc we engage only qualified man power (Trained in ITI or Institutes approved by ministry of HRD).
  • We provide in service training to the employees to keep them updated with technology and to motivate them.
  • SIFMS can provide manpower for varied needs of the customers in both short and long term needs.
  • SIFMS analyze your existing system of facility maintenance and recommends and adopts improved methods to increase your convenience and expenditure.
  • Our service packages are flexible to specific requirements of the clients.
  • 24 x 7 customer care.
  • We have more than ten years of experience in this service sector business.
  • We have set Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for every service.
  • Our motto is to give the customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

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